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This page is reserved for individual FDA employees who wish to report management abuse in the interest of government integrity and public health. Information entered here will be inaccessible to all persons other than the Editor of Dickinson's FDA Webview. Any information that might identify you will be deleted before any use is made of this information. Two weeks after the announcement, and every two weeks thereafter for as long as needed, we will summarize the tips and leads and present a copy thereof to the Chairmen and Ranking Minorities of relevant House and Senate Committees, and the OIG, as appropriate. Frequently, managements recognition that outside scrutiny has begun will be sufficient to bring about the change you desire. Please include as much authenticating information (e.g., relevant FDA office mail codes, document titles/codes, etc. To eliminate bogus reports and assure the integrity of the information you enter here, please include a telephone number or email address where you may be reached, for verification purposes only. This telephone number or email address will be separated immediately from this information after verification. Alternatively, you may mail your information, including document copies, to Jim Dickinson, P.O. Box 20159, Wickenburg, AZ 85358-5159.

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